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Circular Economy

Wat do universities do?

Sustainable Motion was commissioned by DuurzaamDoor and Het Groene Brein to carry out a study into the amount of university bachelor’s and master’s programs that devote attention to the circular economy. They reported the following results:

Source: Onderzoek CE opleidingen 2015/2016

Het Groene Brein has an up to date overview in the form of a map on their website where all sustainability-themed courses are displayed. Click here to view the map.

Not only educational institutions, but students as well are organising themselves to promote sustainbility in education. The list below therefore contains some of these student networks.

Activities in educational institutions

  • A group of researcher surrounding Jan Jonker are very active in researching and writing about circular economy and new revenue models;
  • DRIFT is a renowned insitute for sustainable transition studies;
  • The department Education and Competence Studies (vakgroep Educatie en Competentiestudies) of the University of Wageningen researches sustainable education;
  • Conny Bakker is active in researching and teaching circular design.
  • There are various free open online courses (MOOCs) available from various universities, such as TU Delft. View this page for more MOOCs, as well as an overview of the ways in which science education integrates sustainability and circularity in its curriculum.

Actieve netwerken en organisaties