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Circular Economy

Wat do universities do?

Sustainable Motion heeft in opdracht van DuurzaamDoor en Het Groene Brein een onderzoek uitgevoerd naar de hoeveelheid universitaire bachelor- en masteropleidingen waar aandacht wordt besteedt aan circulaire economie. Het rapport is hier te vinden. Zij rapporteerden de volgende resultaten:

Bron: Onderzoek CE opleidingen 2015/2016

Het Groene Brein has an up to date overview in the form of a map on their website where all sustainability-themed courses are displayed. Click here to view the map.

Not only educational institutions, but students as well are organising themselves to promote sustainbility in education. The list below therefore contains some of these student networks.

Activities in educational institutions

Actieve netwerken en organisaties

  • Duurzame Student keeps an updated list on their website of sustainbility-themed courses;
  • Studenten voor Morgen is a national network of students who work towards increasing awareness about sustainability and integrating sustainability in education;
  • Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming (SMO) (Foundation Society and Entrepreneurship) organises an annual learning lab (SMO Promovendi) where PhD’s and students work on the challenges surrounding circular economics. In 2016 they published a book entitled ‘Circulaire economie: wat, waarom, hoe?‘ where the lab expresses their multidisciplinary vision on circular economics. They also organise a conference about this theme every year;
  • NJR werkgroep ‘Jong en Duurzaam’ is a group of students and young professionals who develop guest classes for secondary education.
  • Springtalents collects vacancies in the sustainability field.