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Circular Economy

What are useful tools for organisations that want to get started with the circular economy?

Many tools, such as scans and databases, are being developed around the circular economy. A few examples of these tools, which give a good insight into the circularity of products and processes, are:

Circle Scan (Circle Economy)The Circle Scan provides an insight in the implementation of high quality circular projects. It’s a complete overview of the projectcontext and its chances.

EcoChain (EcoChain B.V.) – EcoChain is an LCA-based software package that allows you as a buyer or entrepreneur to calculate and track the footprint of an entire company (or industry) – LCA from product level to company level. As a buyer, you can use this to select circular products / designs that are easy to reuse, are resource-efficient, and / or contain a lot of recycled material (narrowing and closing the loop)

Metabolic Analyses (Metabolic) – The Metabolic tool tracks the raw materials through the complete supply chain.

Circular IQ (Circular IQ B.V.)Circular IQ is an online platform you, as a buyer, can use to compare products and suppliers based on material use, circular design and circular business operations. You can also benchmark the performance of a company against international standards and monitor progress over a longer period.

Materials passport (Madaster/Turntoo) – Madaster is an online platform that generates material passports for the buildings of affiliated real estate parties, architects, researchers and private individuals. Its used to see which materials are present in an existing building or design. As a buyer you can select circular solutions for assignments in construction, and monitor results. (In Dutch only)

Madaster Circularity Indicator (Madaster/EPEA) – A measuring system regard to the use of materials in cycles.