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Circular Economy

What are the benefits for The Netherlands?

A circular economy can bring to Netherlands € 7.3 billion and create 54,000 additional jobs. In addition, the ecological footprint is greatly reduced. Further research is necessary to come up with specific numbers and preconditions.

€ 7.3 billion and 54,000 jobs

In the Netherlands, the total market value of opportunities within the circular economy up to € 7.3 billion per year, which is comparable to 54,000 jobs. To achieve this, several steps need to be taken. Some of these include long-term research, major behavioral changes or modifications in laws and regulations, whereas other steps can be implemented relatively easily.

Bastein, Roelofs, Rietveld, & Hoogendoorn. 2013, pp.51-53

Reduction of carbon footprint

A circular economy can lead to a CO2 reduction of 17,150 kt (8%), a reduction of land use with 2180 km2, a reduction of water consumption by 700 million m3 and the avoidance of 100.400 tons (over 25%) of imported raw materials. Other indirect benefits include the development of knowledge, a more constant supply of raw materials, new opportunities for recycling and manufacturing, innovation in the logistics sector, and the development of new economic activities.

Bastein, Roelofs, Rietveld, & Hoogendoorn. 2013, pp.55-57