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Natural Capital

Which financing structures are in place in the Netherlands?

The Dutch government offers multiple financing options aimed at creating a more sustainable society. Examples are subsidies, tax deductions and credits. These instruments can also be used for natural capital.


For stimulating research & development, businesses can use the WBSO and RDA subsidy schemes. The WBSO lowers researcher wages and the RDA provides an extra tax advantage. Next to the WBSO and the RDA, businesses can use the Innovation Box.

More information on the WBSO and RDA can be found on the RVO-website.

More information on the Innovation box is only available in Dutch, on this website.

Tax deductions

The MIA is a deduction that can be used on top of regular deductions for environmentally friendly investments. The Vamil provides businesses the opportunity to amortise 75% of the investments on a self-chosen moment.

More information on these schemes is only available in Dutch, on this website.


The Netherlands has an Innovation Credit to help entrepreneurs bridge the time gap during the development of a concept and actual turnover. The credit is venture credit, and only needs to be paid back if the development is successful. Also the Ministry of Economic Affairs can guarantee for some loans via credits in the BMKB and GO schemes.

More information about the Innovation Credit on this page of the RVO-website.

More information about the BMKB credits on this page of the RVO-website.

More information about the GO on this page of the RVO-website.